Pre-impregnated industrial-strength, antibacterial cleaning wipes designed for use by anyone who needs a very effective, highly absorbent and immediate on-hand cleaning product. Say goodbye to dirty wet towels and messy traditional cleaners, say hello to a high-performance mobile multi-cleaner that will tackle just about any dirt or stain. Designed to meet tough EU Cosmetic Standards, our heavy-duty cleansing wipes contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helping to nourish and protect the skin and thus preventing hands from becoming dry.

What do they do?

We have introduced our new, patented ‘Power Fabric’ and completely reformulated our industrial cleaning wipes to increase the legendary cleaning power and superior absorbency of BIG WIPES INDUSTRIAL by a further 20%!  Guaranteed to be the ultimate industrial power strength wipe, our three-layered "Power Fabric" is tear resistant and leaves no lint and pills even during the toughest of cleaning jobs. 

Naturally, we continue full compliance with the latest and toughest EU Cosmetics Directive, in addition to our cleaning wipes offering a massive >99% Anti bacterial protection - ensuring hands are free from both dirt and bacteria.

"One wipe shifts the lot!"

The BIG WIPES INDUSTRIAL advanced hi-tech cleaning formula means they're unique in their ability to remove a vast range of "nasty" substances from hands, tools and surfaces, including:

  • Paint (oil, water & hammer finish)
  • Adhesives (including adhesive & tape deposits)
  • Silicone
  • Acrylic Sealants
  • Epoxy Fillers and Grouts
  • PU expanding foam
  • PUR and instant grab adhesives
  • Oil
  • Tar
  • Grease
  • Inks and permanent marker  … and so much more.

No other cleaning wipes available to the European professional trade can remove as many substances so quickly and effectively.  Our Power Fabric is highly absorbent and captures liquid between the fibres, minimising the number of cleansing wipes used for any cleaning job. 

There's no mess, no fuss, just a quick and effective solution to your all purpose cleaning needs.

Bigwipes BracketBigWipes in a Workshop Setting

Industrial Wipes 80 Tub

Industrial Wipes in a 20 sachet, too cool!